In September, 1972, Robert and Babette Schexnailder founded the Oak Grove Smokehouse in Prairieville, Louisiana. A complete line of smoked products was produced for local, as well as mail order



     After many questions from mail order customers concerning the use of Andouille and Tasso in products such as Gumbo and Jambalaya, it was conceived that a mix could be formulated to aid these



     Oak Grove Smokehouse set out to help its distant customers through roux preparation and refinement of the intricate blend of seasonings required to duplicate local home-prepared products. They did not know their preparations were so closely identical to those traditionally prepared at home, that local cajun consumers would have little hesitation in using Oak Grove mixes as a normal household product.


     In 1975, Oak Grove Smokehouse introduced their Jambalaya and Gumbo mixes in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. Such ready acceptance of these mixes led to the addition of Gumbo Base (without rice), Cajun Dirty Rice, Fish Fry with Creole Seasonings, Hot and Spicy Chicken Fry, Hushpuppy Mix and Seafood Boil.


     The contributing factors to this acceptance are convenience, authenticity and quality unmatched by all competitive products.


     In 2001, Oak Grove Smokehouse discontinued their line of smoked products.


     In 2011, Oak Grove Smokehouse discontinued Hushpuppy Mix and Beignet Mix.