A Taste of South Louisiana



     South Louisiana is a land of culinary diversity as a result of its unique history.  Colonial settlers arriving from France and Spain to what is now New Orleans were called Creoles.  They combined their fine European cooking skills with techiniques influenced by Negro and Indian cultures.  In the mid-eighteenth century, French Catholics expelled from Nova Scotia, called Acadians, migrated to South Louisiana and settled in the area west of New Orleans - today's Acadiana region.  Descendents of these Acadians are known as Cajuns.  The mingling of these two groups, along with a sprinkling of German and Italian settlements, resulted in a unique blend of people known for their love of good food and their resourcefulness in using the abundant seafood, game and raw products of this sub-tropical land.  To share this rich and colorful heritage, A TASTE OF SOUTH LOUISIANA has been prepared to provide authentic South Louisiana foods quickly and economically.

     From an early morning beignet to a delightful piece di resistance in the evening, A TASTE OF SOUTH LOUISIANA provides for authentic culinary creations that will be long remembered.  Bon appetit!