Creole Mixes



     Our selection of packaged mixes lets you savor the goodness of Creole cooking quickly and easily. Creole Gumbo, Jambalaya and Dirty Rice mixes contain all the seasonings and rice you need; just add meat or seafood for tasty one-dish meals. Cook delicious fried foods with Hot & Spicy Chicken Fry and Fish Fry with Creole Seasoning. To spice up your favorite seafood, use Swamp Fire Seafood Boil (salt included); all in convenient single use packages.


                                We have most products available in bulk sizes


Creole Gumbo Mix24/7 oz.$  1.20$14.28$28.56
Gumbo Base (w/o rice)24/5oz. $  1.20$14.28$28.56 
Creole Jambalaya Mix24/7.9oz. $  1.20$14.28$28.56 
Family Pak Jambalaya12/16 oz. $  2.35 $27.84 
Cajun Dirty Rice Mix24/7.9 oz.

$  1.20

Fish Fry w/Creole Seasoning24/6 oz.$    .60 $  7.08$14.16 
Chicken Fry - Hot & Spicy24/6 oz.$    .60$  7.08$14.16 
Swamp Fire Seafood Boil24/8 oz.$    .95$11.16$22.32
Swamp Fire Seafood Boil12/16 oz.$  1.80 $21.12
Swamp Fire Seafood Boil Sak Pak6/4.5 lb.$  5.90 $35.34

Fresh Sausage Seasoning

24/8 oz.$  2.35 $28.20 $56.40 
Smoked Sausage Seasoning24/9 oz.$  2.35 $28.20 $56.40 
Swamp Fire Liquid12/8 oz.$  3.95 $47.04
Swamp Fire Liquid4/1 gal.$23.60  $94.24 
Oak Grove Smokehouse Creole Seasoning Salt12/14oz.$  1.80 $21.12 


                                                       Shipping & Handling

Minimum order is 12 items in any combination.  Orders are processed immediately and shipped via UPS with delivery to your door.  All orders are shipped prepaid.  Please call for shipping and handling charges.  VISA and MasterCard accepted.  UPS does not deliver to PO, APO or FPO boxes.


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